WorkShop is a new collective office in the heart of Brookline. It’s a place to accomplish a good day of work, to host a productive meeting around a solid table, and to chat by the proverbial water cooler with other independent workers.
The WorkShop team is growing Brookline’s coworking community of independent professionals and small businesses. Our micro coworking space in the historic Arcade Building launched in November 2015.
We want you to join us as we grow. Connect to check us out for fresh coffee and a day of work.


Arcade Building
318 Harvard Street 2nd Floor
Brookline, MA 02446


  • Day Packs

  • $125+

    Day-packs offer more savings and a flexible schedule. 5-packs ($125) expire in one month. 10-packs ($250) include two hours of meeting room use and expire in three months. Reserve your seat online just like a daily.
  • Monthly

  • $400

    Full-time memberships are available on a limited basis in our micro workspace.. They include four hours of conference room use per month.


What is coworking?

Coworking is a collective office community where independent workers, telecommuters, and small businesses can share resources like expertly designed workspaces, meeting rooms, printers, fast internet, and—of course—coffee. Coworking allows individuals to pool resources as a community, to work in a great location and a friendly environment. 

Are there other membership options?

In our micro coworking space, we have limited seats, so the membership options are limited. As the community and space grow, we hope to offer new membership types that fit the community’s needs. This depends on your feedback!

When do members have access to the space?

Workshop is a micro coworking space. For now, our members can join us during our open hours, currently Monday to Friday 8–6. As the community grows, memberships could include extended hours access. We would love to hear more about your particular needs! Evening and weekend rentals are available. Please drop us a line at hello@workshopbrookline.com.  

How long is the membership commitment?

Daily members are full community members, although the daily pass is only a one-day commitment. We know you’ll want to join us whenever you’re looking for a great day’s work. 10-packs can be used any time within 90 days. Full-time memberships are month-to-month. 

Who is WorkShop for?

The best way to find out is to join us for a day of work. Contact us to schedule a complimentary visit. WorkShop is designed for small businesses and solopreneurs who live or work near Brookline, whether they're looking for a part-time seat, affordable access to professional meeting rooms, or an alternative to working from home. Coworkers include independent professionals like lawyers, graphic designers, coders, writers, data scientists, and "information economy" workers of all stripes, as well as telecommuters who need a rock solid office to get their work done close to home. WorkShop is located in the heart of Coolidge Corner, accessible by train, foot, bike, and car.
We are looking for a few early adopters to join us at our new micro office, and many more to join our community as we grow.

Where are you located?

The WorkShop microcoworking space is located on the second floor of the beautiful, historic Arcade building at 318 Harvard Street in the heart of Coolidge Corner, Brookline. Enter on Harvard Street or from the Center Street parking lot, where you can find metered parking. The space is accessible by foot, bike, T, and car. 

How can I find out more?

Drop us a line at: hello@workshopbrookline.com We'd love to show you the space and invite you to join us for a workday.

Can I book events and after hours?

Certainly! contact us at: hello@workshopbrookline.com  

Visit WorkShop to see what we're all about!